> Who are you Papier Tigre?

Papier Tigre was born in 2012. We are based in central creative Paris in the 3rd arrondissement at the number 5 Rue des Filles du Calvaire. We conceive, manufacture and retail a growing range of lovely items for your desk, your house and your written correspondence. We are very sensitive to colors, patterns, basic materials and new technologies - and we try to mix all of these into our great products. We try to go away as much as we can, often very far, often quite close to our every day life, to find new inspiration and give life to new ideas in our Paris office. 

> How do you conceive your amazing products?

We handle the entire thing ourselves - from the idea to the retailling. 
Everything is made from our Paris based office, we aim to pay a particular attention to creativity, materials, their origins, their quality. 
We pick the very best of recycled papers and cardboards, from well managed forests in Europe - and have the great chance to work with French cardboard! 

> Where are your products from?

From France mainly, but also from Barcelona, Spain for three references and India for our fabric bags made of organic cottons. 

>  Do you have like a real shop where I could appreciate your product at their best?

Of course my dear : in our great shop in Paris, in the north Marais aera : 5 rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris.
This shop is open from Monday to Friday 11.30am to 7.30pm and Saturday from 11am to 8pm

And it is also our office :)

>  Do you have a lot of stock for all your references?

A lot is depending on your viewpoint :-) We usually produce enough to give you the best price and to answer to our clients - no more. Most of our items have therefor a short lifetime, usually they stay in our catalogue for 6 months.

> When a reference is out of stock » does this mean that it is really over?

Yes indeed! When an item is not stocked anymore it means it is really over. We change our designs and colors quite often - so that we can test new patterns, colors, and also to remain at the top of creativity and challenge ourselves regularly. Changing our products very often is also a very good solution to be way ahead of all the counterfeiting.  

> I live far away from your two shops, are there any retailers nearby?

Maybe! We have more than 250 stockists worlwide, you might be luck to be closeby one of them - if not, you should move on :-) You can ask us about the possibilities with the contact form.

> I'de love to work with you, do you currently have opportunities?

You can check the JOBS section.

> I'de love to see my beautiful Logo on your cover, how can i do?

We are afraid you can't - we don't do such thing.
Our brand is about making creative and nice products, not promotional items.  


> When can i reach your customer service?

We are based in France, you can reach us here in French or English  +33 (0)1 48 04 00 from Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm GMT1.

> I'd love to write you something, do you have an address I could send my message to?

Easy, easy with our contact form here

Or snail mail with our postal address: 
Papier Tigre 
Customer Care 
5 rue des Filles du Calvaire
75003 Paris

> I ordered but received no email of confirmation or anything what is going on?

Well, be patient, it can take up to 20 minutes to receive a confirmation email.

And, we are sorry but we are experiencing issues with the following email providers : AOL / GMX / CARAMAIL 
we are working on this bug but it is much more complicated than expected. 
The good thing is that your order is safe, we have all the information, but we can't reach you with your email. 

> I'm starting to worry, I did not get any feedback to my email, what is happening?

Well, nothing, it is too late.
You can try again, your message might be lost in our overcrowded inboxes, we are sorry about that.
You can also try to reach us here, we speak english :
+33 (0)1 48 04 00 21
Monday to Friday
10am to 7pm


> What is your delivery delay?

We do our best! Once your order has been placed, we need two working days top to process the order - and then two more working days for the delivery at least for a regular delivery. If you select an express delivery it is two days TOP after its been processed. These delivery delays might slightly change according to the period of time - please watch your inboxes when you place an order, our shipping forwarders will give you a tracking number to check where your precious parcel is.

> How do you calculate the delivery fees?

It is very easy, we love easy things - There is a flate rate for orders for France, 4 euros, and free when you reach 40 euros - Then if you need european there is a flat rate of 5 euros and delivery is free for orders over 50 euros - lucky you!  Then, for International delivery outside europe the fees are calculated according to your order.

> What is the company that will carry my precious parcel?

For orders to France we use Colissimo, the cheapest and also quickest. There is also Colissimo + that works with signature. For orders to Europe and other countries we work with the main shipping companies : Fedex / UPS / TNT.

> I'd like to track my parcel, i'm sooo excited, how can I do?

Once your order has been processed, you wil receive a tracking number (please also check your spam inbox). Connect to the carrier you picked, to get updates of your order.

>  Help!!! the carrier says my parcel has been delivered and i have nothing?

No need to panik - most of the time your building intendant, your colleague or relative has signed in for the parel and did not tell you.

If not, here are the steps to get the things back to normal :

-       Step1 : start to issue a personal claim directly to the shipping forwarder

-       Step2 : please notify about the lost of the parcel. Do not forget to give us the details, order number, name, address so that we can also issue a claim ourselves to the shipping forwarder. 

It is very important that you issue a claim before us.

> I changed my mind, i'd like to return the awesome product I just received, how can I do so?

It is up to you how you return the parcel, provided that the carrier includes a tracking option. This means that you cannot return an item by simply posting it using a postage stamp. If the product we receive is in perfect condition, in its original packaging, not open, then we can proceed to the refund. If you are very close to one of our shop you can also return your parcel this way.


> How can I pay you guys, do you accept sea shells? 

No, no, no! Here it is all about modern methods, with your credit or debit card or with your paypal account.

> Are there any additional charges according to the payment method I use?

Of course not! 

>  I don't understand, it seems I can not proceed to payment, what is going on?

Well, it should work, let's try again after refreshing the page, and deleting the cookies - if there is still an issue please try with another payment method or account. You can use Paypal without an account. If you really can not pay your order, please contact your bank.


> I have an awesome company / a sexy project, can you make my own notebooks or print my logo on one of your design?

We do not manufacture notebooks for other companies or brands. What we like to do instead is creative collaboration with a brand we like -  please have in mind that we need to produce a lot of notebooks to keep the prices okay. 

>  I'd love to see my products in your shop selection, how can i do so?

Very easy - you can send us your catalogue and pricelist with our contact form.

> I have a very nice shop and I'd love to see your product there, do you do wholesale?

Yes, yes, yes! We are looking forward to read your request, you can send your message with our contact form. Please make sure you give us the location of the shop, the selection of brands you already have and also a few details about who you are, thanks!!