Puzzle SULO - Clément Vuillier

How many ?

Oops ! You binge watched everything on Netflix ?

Then, what if you take the time to try this puzzle representing the beautiful piece of work made by the artist Clément Vuillier ?

Turin’s ladder determines the risk and the gravity of a collision between an object and Earth. Graded from 0 (no risk) to 10 (a collision provoking climatic catastrophe), the 8th echelon represents a collision able to provoke a local destruction. This kind of event only happens every 50 to 1000 years.

As of today, no object can go over the first echelon, but we never know…

1000 puzzle pieces to reveal this 68 x 49 cm original piece.
1000% focus
1000% satisfaction

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    68 x 49
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    Made in France with good care
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