Papier Machine

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Papier Machine Vol.0 is a beautiful book of 6 interactive electronic paper toys ready to be cut, folded and assembled to unveil the mysteries of electronics in a singular and fun way. This first volume is about the sound. 

Papier Machine invites you to discover electronic phenomena through play and experimentation. 

The 6 toys in this volume produce sounds. They are printed with a silver ink that conducts electricity.  These practical DIY toys intuitively reveal how sensors work in electronic devices: tilt switch, gyroscope, resistor, etc. 

Materials : 6 interactive electronic paper models, 2 button cells, 2 metallic marbles, 2 piezo elements, 2 sound components.

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    Format B4 (25cm x 35,3cm)
  • Materials
    6 paper models, 2 button cells, 2 metal balls, 2 piezoelectric elements, 2 sound components.
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    Made in France with good care
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