Cardboard opener - Black

How many ?

This carton opener is an essential for home and the office ! 

The case folds open 180 degres. Cut the tape along the join when opening a carton. PLace the flat of the cutter horizontally to cut one sheet of copy paper.  Neodymium magnet inside attaches both sides to refrigerators and metal items such as desks and doors for easy storage. 

💡 The cutter blade is replaceable. If the cutting edge is chipped or the sharpness has deteriorated, it can be installed in the reserve direction and used as a new blade. 

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  • Provenance
    Made in Japan
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    Free shipping over €70 in European Union
  • Warning
    NEVER use near a live electrical circuit. Keep out of reach of children; use sharp objects with care.
  • Emballage
    Plastic materials PET and cardboard.
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  • Free shipping over €70 in European Union !