Feel Good Notebook

How many ?

With the feel good booklet, discover: 170 pages of advice, assessments, exercises, for more well-being.

Set and reach your goals:

The booklet is with you every day for 90 days.

No big changes, no 360-degree turns, just a few small actions to add to your daily life. 

This Feel Good coach was designed with the brains of Épycure, a specialist in ultra personalized vitamin programs.

It is made by us in Paris. 

Discover all the details of this booklet in the features tab. 

  • Brand
    Papier Tigre
  • Cover
    Soft cardboard cover
  • Binding
    Spiral binding
  • Materials
    Recycled paper and cardboard
  • Provenance
    Made in France with good care
  • Provenance
    Made in Paris in our workshop
  • In stock !