Notebook A5 Roofs of Paris Summer

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Haaaaa Paris !
The city of Light, the city of love, the city of fashion, the city the whole planet dreams about.

Choose the design of your notebook but also the type of pages you want.
Each notebook has a flyleaf, an index and a diary on 2 pages.

This beautiful notebook is also made by us in Paris with recycled paper. ♻️

💡 This design is from our "semi-configurables" and Souvenirs from Paris collection !

💥 A sheet of stickers is offered for the purchase of this notebook.

  • Brand
    Papier Tigre
  • Dimension
    A5 (15 x 21 cm)
  • Style
    Dot Grid
  • Pages
  • Cover
    Soft cardboard cover
  • Binding
    Spiral binding
  • Specifications
    Cover page - 2 pages index - 2 pages perpetual calendar - numbered pages - 3 different papers inside
  • Paper
    3 different recycled papers
  • Provenance
    Made in Paris in our workshop
  • Available at the Parisian shop
    Notebook Made in France
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    Free shipping over €70 in European Union
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  • Free shipping over €70 in European Union !