Set color inspiration V2 - Bubblegum

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This set contains a color inspiration volume 2 and a Bubblegum mesh pocket.

Discover 300 pages of color inspirations with 450 rich and surprising combinations, representing the diversity and the beauty of the animal world.
 This book is the complement of the volume 1 with as always, the CMJK and RGB codes of every color but also an index page to find, play and create easily all of the inspirations created by Papier Tigre.

In this beautiful book you will find : 

– 450 harmonies of colors

– The CMJK and RGB codes for every color
– An alphabetic index

– A colorimetry index

– A guide to colors and their functions

– A note on our creative methods

  • Brand
    Papier Tigre x Color Inspiration
  • Binding
    Perfect binding
  • Paper
    2 different recycled papers
  • Materials
    Recycled Paper
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