Set of 6 clamps

How many ?

It pinches, it clips,

It gathers, it assembles,

Clip, clap, click, clack, here come the set of 6 clamps !
- Small gold clamp
- Large gold clamp
- Small silver clamp
- Large silver clamp
- Small clamp 2 gold
- Large clamp 2 gold

We use them to mark our pages, to hang a poster, to collect the tickets that are lying around or to make our desks look pretty. How about you?

💡Also available in a set of 12 clamps !

  • Brand
    Papier Tigre
  • Materials
  • Provenance
    Made in China
  • Available at the Parisian shop
  • Delivery
    Free shipping over €70 in European Union
  • Indisponible en boutique !
  • Free shipping over €70 in European Union !