Giant Clock Label Heure

How many ?

Wow : The one and only clock that mixes both time and color ! 

💡 Each clock is unique. The harmony of colors is specific to each model to make it an exceptional object.

The artist Bettina Dadon created this beautiful object, signed and numbered it, to put you into a trance and make you appreciate time that passes by.
The clock is delivered in a cardboard box, measures 17x17cm and works with a battery that is provided. You can put it on your wall or simply put it on your table.

A unique object, a unique gift !

🌈 Discover the clock model in small version

  • Brand
  • Dimension
  • Specifications
    Plexiglass stand
  • Materials
    Laser printing on polyester film
  • Provenance
    Made in France with good care
  • Available at the Parisian shop
    Notebook Made in France
  • Size of the box
    32,1 x19,5cm
  • Indisponible en boutique !
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