Puzzle SULO - Ugo Bienvenu

How many ?

Oops ! You binge watched everything on Netflix ?

What if it was an opportunity to test your brain by launching yourself into the design of a puzzle ?

Tomorrow the machine, like the cowboys in America, will have conquered our territories, those of the imagination, of work, of our privacy, of our freedoms, of our free will. Our children will be the last Mohicans, the last resistance fighters of our humanity. Several choices will be available to them: give in, resist, impose themselves or play with it, live in harmony with it. I wish them the best, whatever form that takes.

1000 puzzle pieces to reveal this 48 x 68,5 cm original piece.
1000% focus
1000% satisfaction

This puzzle is printed in a limited edition.

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  • Dimension
    48 x 68,5 cm
  • Materials
    Recycled paper and cardboard
  • Provenance
    Made in France with good care
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