Black staple-less stapler Kokuyo

How many ?

A stapler without staples!

Conceived and designed by Japanese brand KOKUYO, this stapler features a delicate, precise pressure system, enabling multiple sheets to be bound together while keeping them carefully compressed. The finish is similar to a zigzag seam, reminiscent of the meticulous work of a sewing machine.

This feature, both practical and aesthetic, embodies the overflowing, inventive spirit of Japanese stationery - a must-have for binding your documents with great style.

💡 No need for refills, this stapler can be used ad infinitum!

🌈 If you prefer a traditional stapler, this is the place!

  • Brand
  • Specifications
    Staples 5 to 8 sheets.
  • Lenght
    9 cm
  • Available at the Parisian shop
    Notebook Made in France
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    Free shipping over €70 in European Union
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  • Free shipping over €70 in European Union !